8 Mistakes That Are Holding You Back From Switching to Vaping

Anybody who’s tried to quit smoking knows it isn’t easy. The rising irritability and fierce cravings make every single day seem like a never-ending gauntlet, as you battle withdrawal symptoms and do your utmost to resist the urge to head down to the store and pick up another pack of cigarettes.

That’s really where the appeal of vaping lies. You can kick the “deadly” part of your deadly habit without losing the nicotine. It makes switching appeal. But what if you’ve tried to make the switch and been unsuccessful? Does that mean you’re condemned to smoke your way to an early grave?

Thankfully not.

Vaping is more complicated than smoking, and as a result there are several mistakes smokers new to the hobby make that hold them back from making the switch. Here are 8 of the most common ones:

1 – Choosing a Crappy E-Cig

As a smoker, it’s very tempting to try a device that looks like a cigarette (a “cigalike”). It seems like it will smooth the transition, but the problem is that these devices are low-powered and severely lacking when it comes to getting you nicotine.

eGo-style devices improve the situation a little, but the best advice is to get yourself a basic mod. There are tons of options, but affordable and simple “all-in-one” devices like the ELeaf iStick or the Kanger Nebox are ideal for smokers just making the switch. They boost the power, have more substantial battery life and get you more of the nicotine you’re looking for.

2 – Choosing the Wrong Nicotine Level

As a smoker, the amount of nicotine in the tobacco is the amount of nicotine you get. It’s unbeatably simple. But when you switch to vaping, you’re presented with a lot of options: 0.6 %, 1.2 %, 1.8 %, 2.4% and others: how do you know which one to choose? If you opt for 0.6 or 1.2 %, you’re probably holding yourself back with a classic mistake: getting the wrong nicotine level.

Most smokers find 1.8 % nicotine (or 18 mg/ml) is the minimum amount they need to stave off cravings for tobacco. If you still didn’t feel like you were getting enough nicotine, bump it up to 2.4 % and see if that helps.

3 – Not Finding the Right Flavor

Many smokers think “flavor doesn’t really matter” and opt for whatever sub-par tobacco or menthol replication they can get their hands on for cheap.

The big problem is that when it comes to e-juice, you get what you pay for. Instead of a poorly-executed tobacco replication, smokers looking for an authentic flavor should consider naturally extracted tobacco e-juice, which captures more of the nuance and depth of the real deal than concoctions of artificial flavorings. If you’re willing to expand beyond tobacco flavors, though, you should try some of the excellent fruity and sweet options that vapers love.

4 – Puffing Like It’s a Cigarette

When you switch to vaping, it’s tempting to assume that you just puff in the same way as you would a cigarette, but you’d be wrong.

Research has shown that taking longer, deeper puffs than you would on a cigarette helps you get more nicotine and thereby feel more satisfied after vaping. Try slower, gentler puffs and you should have a better experience.

5 – Trying to Go it Alone

Since switching from smoking to vaping seems easy, many smokers assume they won’t need any support to make the switch. But, as we’ve learned, vaping really isn’t as simple as you may assume.

That’s why reaching out to the vaping community for support can make all the difference. Whether it’s tips on choosing the best device, advice on how to solve any hardware-related problems you run into or even just moral support, don’t be afraid to ask.

6 – Get the Right Balance of PG and VG ( See Hyperlink for more details )

Do you think you could switch to vaping, but find it too harsh on your throat? Your problem might come down to your choice of PG/VG ratio.

High PG e-liquid has a strong “throat hit,” and many smokers (and vapers) find it too irritating to enjoy. VG produces more vapor and is a lot smoother on your throat. Some smokers may prefer a 70/30 PG/VG ratio (for a stronger throat hit), but 50/50 offers an even balance of the two.  If you still find vaping too harsh at 50/50, you might have to go for a juice with 70 % VG or higher.

7 – Poor Preparation

Not wanting to spend too much before you switch to vaping makes sense, but if you’re making a serious quit attempt, not having enough vaping gear can really hold you back. Most smokers will have just one device, but what do you do when it’s on charge? The temptation to reach for a cigarette may be too much to overcome.

The best advice is to have a spare device when you try to quit so you have something to use while one is charging. It also helps to stock up on e-liquids and atomizer heads so you won’t be left with nothing to vape.

8 – Expecting a Magic Bullet

Finally, because switching to vaping seems easy, many smokers expect vaping to be a “magic bullet.” But however it might appear, you’ll still need a good helping of willpower. Vaping can make quitting enjoyable, but you still need the determination to get you through the tougher times.

Conclusion – E-Cigs Are a Tool; You Just Learn How to Use Them

The core lesson is that e-cigs are just a tool, and like any other tool, you need to understand how to use it in order to get the result you’re looking for. The reality is that vaping is more complicated than smoking, and you’ll still need to put the work in to make the transition. The upside is that once you’ve found your right device and e-juice, the process of quitting smoking becomes more enjoyable than you’d have ever thought possible.

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